Time to apply to the Eleventh Annual Holiday Craftacular!


Again, I’m not quite sure where the year has gone! I guess four kids and trying to keep up as gotten the better of me when it comes to blogging!… That’s ok though.

I finally have the application up for this years Holiday Craftacular. You can go HERE to fill out an application.

I will be working on the Craft-Apple-Ar info this week too as I have time to chat with Kim Lapacek. We have been doing this show for awhile now and it’s a great kick of to apple season and a fun show! Stay tuned…

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Time to get serious…


Ok winter. I’m done. I mean it. Sometimes I handle winter better than other times. This year, I’m not handling it well AT ALL. I just looked back at a draft I had ready to finish before the Valentine Craftacular. Yep. Never finished that one up. Well, you see, I got smacked with a hell of a flu / virus right before the show. I seriously didn’t even know if I would make it to the show. The picture of the poppies above? Taken at my mom’s house in NM last summer. Where I wish I was right now. Sweating my ass off in the roasting mountain sun (well, in all fairness she’s getting blasted with a winter storm right now so I guess that stinks too…). My mom will be here in two weeks so that is something to look forward to, and her “spring visit” always does mark the end of the endless winter…

I am working on listing some items to my long neglected Etsy shop. Yay! I’m starting with a few of my crocheted cupcakes and will be adding some vintage, some of my new nightlights, and who knows what along the way. It’s always been an eclectic mix, but it has served me well in the past so we will see. I have reached that point where I REALLY need to start bringing in some money, not only to pay off some lingering past business debt but to start saving for the future a little on my own, and to just feeling a little more financially independent. I’m not quite sure when I started becoming such an adult, and I’m not sure I really like it all that much…but, well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess. It probably has something to do with the big birthday coming up…. well, we’ll talk about that later.

I did finally invest in a light box, although I don’t really have the lights set up right yet. It will help. I just need to take some time with it now. I love the way this little guy looks. So springy. So, goodbye winter. This little bunny is chasing you away…


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Welcome, 2015.

As we all know, I stink at blogging. I used to be good. I used to be good at my business. I used to be good at many things. But this isn’t about used to’s. This is about now.

This is about the warm cup of tea I have, the quiet buzz of my ‘ol (yet still working! fingers crossed that it holds out awhile…!) computer with the surrounding silence. Jerome has the kids at the YMCA swimming for a bit (yeah yeah, fitness is on the ‘to do’ list… just not this second…), girls are with their dad, and I am downloading some pictures and putting away my overwhelming supply of Christmas that has taken over the house.

The past year has been filled with so much. I have been struggling with my health while trying so hard to adjust to our move into our house that I wasn’t quite ready to move in to. I finally feel that I am beginning to embrace it a little more. I am starting to make little changes to make it our own. It is a big house, that Jerome’s family has filled with love for many many years. It was just not the move I was hoping would be our next. However, it was a blessing to have the space for our family and it will be wonderful for us as I start to feel better and can focus some energy on creating and healing.

I am not going to make huge goals for this year. I am going to make tiny wishes. I hope to see my friends more, even if just for a cup of coffee. I hope to create more, even if just a new recipe or to actually get a few a items up on my long neglected Etsy site. I broke 1,000 sales years ago and have neglected it for too long! I would love to actually bring in some money this year. That would be lovely and I know would be helpful, but my family and my health will continue to come first.

I will sign off for today with a picture of Zoe that I took when we were on our epic road trip to NM this past summer. It pretty much summarizes 2014.

Love to you all and I’m not promising much for this upcoming year, but I will make a tiny wish to check in hopefully more than every six months…


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Craft-Apple-Ar, Summer, & Updates

August, heat… it must be time for the Craft-Apple-Ar!


Tomorrow marks the fourth year I will be returning to Lapacek’s Orchard with a great selection of vendors for another Craft-Apple-Ar! Along with hand-made art and crafts, there will be Matilda Jane clothing, a selection of my vintage housewares, and of course all the delectable goodies the orchard has to offer including apples, caramel apples, donuts and assorted veggies! Don’t let the heat scare you away, come out to orchard and share the day with us!

We are always gearing up for our Tenth Annual Holiday Craftacular! I seriously can’t believe it’s been ten years of this crazy ride.


The vendors have all been selected and I hope to get over to the website next week to start updating the page so you can start ‘pre-shopping’ and get a list started early.

I’m going to be cutting back on my personal shows I’m going to be vending at this year due to some personal health issues and family commitments. You see the link to my Etsy shop on here? Well, I’ve said it before, but this time I am actually dedicated to listing, hopefully selling, and relisting tons of new goodies on here now and throughout the holidays, so check back!!

I’ve also going to be loading up my shops. In the Madison area I currently have stock at Anthology, Hatch Art House and the Regal Find. I will also be getting goodies to my friend Nikki Tupesis for her new shop, Juneberry opening in September.

Not in the Madison area? I also have goodies in Appleton at Blue Moon Emporium as well I Like You in Minneapolis. New shops coming soon as well!

I will be in touch soon, and thank you all for sticking with me through the years..
xo Naomi

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It’s Craftacular Time!


That’s right folks, THIS SUNDAY is the Tenth Annual Summer Craftacular!!

The main ballroom of the Masonic Center will be filled to the brim with artists and crafters, while the classroom will be host to our Vintage Flea and Finds market, so make sure you check out both rooms.

Doors open at 10, and don’t forget, if you are one of the first 50 lucky shoppers you will get one of our fun goodie bags!

The show is all indoors, so come rain or shine, join us Sunday for this FREE, fun, family friendly event, and show your support for ten years of Craftaculars!

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