Open for Business!

Saturday’s Grand Opening was beyond anything I could have imagined. There were a steady flow of customers all day and some were even people who were not my friends and family! As my friend Molly said, it felt like I was being embraced by a huge hug.

The past few weeks have been very trying on myself and my family. I have been working about 18 hour days which has left my family to pretty much fend for themselves and put an immense amount of pressure on Jerome. This could not have been possible without a supportive partner. Anyone who has ever taken the less travelled path or followed their dream uncertain of the financial outcome or emotional outcome knows what I am talking about.

I guess to summarize all of the emotions, thank you. Thank you to everyone who has believed in me over the years, thank you to all the new faces who are venturing in to ‘see what we are all about’, thank you to the artists who are spending hours at their sewing machines and in their studios to make our worlds a little more beautiful and definately more funky. Thank you life for giving me the opportunities I have.

Now, I need you all to help me spread the word! The hours of the shop will be:
Tues – Fri : 10 – 6
Sat : 10 – 5
Sun : 12 – 4
(closed Monday)

I will also continue the Craftacular events as well as participate in a few shows a year to bring Glitter on the road.

Right now though, I have some hot cocoa that needs to be sipped while I cuddle with my son and maybe do some knitting while baby Luna naps. This is not only a new venture for Mama, but new venture for the whole family and is definately going to take some time to adapt to. Wish us luck and more tears of joy than sadness and frustration.


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2 Responses to Open for Business!

  1. Mindy says:

    The shop looks amazing! Congrats to you all

  2. momacita says:

    You wern’t kidding, it’s beautiful!! I wish you not only Luck, but Joy and Happiness. May the Force continue to be with you! See you soon, xoxoxoxo Momacita