Ah, the end of summer… before you know it, it will be here. The cooler weather, the leaves turning beautiful hues, but wait! That can’t happen yet! Summer has just begun! Well, at least we can squeeze in one more fun event, right??? Hop on over HERE to see what I’m talking about!

Speaking of summer ending, I hope we can squeeze in a few more outings. The babies had one yesterday with their amazing Auntie, Jen. Look at this pic she took of Lu! Seriously.. what am I going to DO with this girl???


Darby and Zoe are heading to the fair for round two tonight and it looks like perfect weather! I wish I could go back down. Sooo much work to do. I really appreciate that I can work for myself, but with half my family going to the cottage and half at the fair I have to admit there are moments I feel a little sorry for myself. Then, I remind myself that I am surrounded by beauty all day long at Glitter and all night long with my family. AND, I have amazing friends, some of who make the world's best apple cider donuts and let me have craft fairs at their orchards!

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