Just Can’t Stop…

I think I may have an addiction. No, I’m not talking about caffeine and sugar. I KNOW I have an addiction to those things. I’m talking about events. I seriously love planning events. I mean, sure, they are stressful, I get super crabby (sorry friends & fam!), fine, I usually turn into super bitch the week of any event, but I just love bringing people together as well as trying to help people find an avenue to bring in an income doing things they love. That is actually a big piece of what led me to reopen Glitter!

Well, here’s the newest event, which also plays into another of my addictions, thrifting and antiquing!!

I’m a little nervous since I don’t have experience doing displays outside of the shop with my vintage so I guess I will have to practice, practice, practice!

I do have a couple of vendor spaces left so if you would to participate in this event please contact me! I’m hoping if all goes well to make this a quarterly event so people will know where to go for quality vintage with a smile (yep, I’m USUALLY done with the bitchiness by the actual day of the show…)!


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2 Responses to Just Can’t Stop…

  1. looks like yet another SPECTACULAR event! And for the record – you haven’t been a super bitch to me…yet…

  2. Naomi says:

    maybe I’m only one to Jerome… hmmmm