New Shops Galore!

We are so lucky to live in a great city with wonderful indie businesses popping up everywhere.

My friend Sachi and her sister Laura just opened a wonderful shop at 218 State St. this past weekend and are carrying many fun Glitter goods including coasters, frames, bracelets and barrettes and she already needs me to restock! The shop is called Anthology, and although I have only seen it in pictures, it sounds wonderful! My mom and I are heading there tomorrow.

Here is a picture that the Capital Times took from last weekend

Here is another I found on the Madison Magazine blog that shows some of my work!

I was interviewed for the article as well and hopefully I sounded ok! I am trying to have a positive outlook for the new businesses.

Also, another woman I know is opening a new shop on Williamson St. within the next few weeks called The Green Parasol and is going to be carrying my vintage shoppe goods along with cards and candles. I haven’t seen the shop yet (even in pics) but sounds very great with a mixture of vintage pieces and one of a kind creations (the woman opening the shop is a seamstress!!)

Well, I must go drink another two gallons of water after my corned beef and cabbage dinner!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. The bit o’ Irish in me is happy today!

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