Big changes…

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, no one has been around the shop much lately. Well, I have found that with the super cold winter (and insanely, I’m talking RIDICULOUSLY high heating bills), then pipes bursting, then one thing after another, that it was a sign for me to move ahead to my next adventure. So, the brick and mortar will be no more. But wait! Don’t be sad! You will STILL be able to find all your favorite Glitter goodies! I will be restocking my local stores as well as the ones not so local. I am still planning tons of events (two as I write this!). I will hopefully be working on my awesome trailer that has been residing in my backyard for three years. And, I will be able to take care of the needs of my four growing children.

I have so many ideas growing that I can barely stand it. I feel like being cooped up in a building was too much for a wild flower and I know my dear friend Michelle will agree. When you have hands that can’t stop moving and a mind and heart pulled in a hundred directions it is too much to be planted in one spot.

I will check back in soon. Thanks and love to all of you for the support you have continued to give me over all the years..

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