Welcome, 2015.

As we all know, I stink at blogging. I used to be good. I used to be good at my business. I used to be good at many things. But this isn’t about used to’s. This is about now.

This is about the warm cup of tea I have, the quiet buzz of my ‘ol (yet still working! fingers crossed that it holds out awhile…!) computer with the surrounding silence. Jerome has the kids at the YMCA swimming for a bit (yeah yeah, fitness is on the ‘to do’ list… just not this second…), girls are with their dad, and I am downloading some pictures and putting away my overwhelming supply of Christmas that has taken over the house.

The past year has been filled with so much. I have been struggling with my health while trying so hard to adjust to our move into our house that I wasn’t quite ready to move in to. I finally feel that I am beginning to embrace it a little more. I am starting to make little changes to make it our own. It is a big house, that Jerome’s family has filled with love for many many years. It was just not the move I was hoping would be our next. However, it was a blessing to have the space for our family and it will be wonderful for us as I start to feel better and can focus some energy on creating and healing.

I am not going to make huge goals for this year. I am going to make tiny wishes. I hope to see my friends more, even if just for a cup of coffee. I hope to create more, even if just a new recipe or to actually get a few a items up on my long neglected Etsy site. I broke 1,000 sales years ago and have neglected it for too long! I would love to actually bring in some money this year. That would be lovely and I know would be helpful, but my family and my health will continue to come first.

I will sign off for today with a picture of Zoe that I took when we were on our epic road trip to NM this past summer. It pretty much summarizes 2014.

Love to you all and I’m not promising much for this upcoming year, but I will make a tiny wish to check in hopefully more than every six months…


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