Robots, Engineers, Owls… and Badgers?

What do these things possibly have in common, you may be asking… Well, they pretty much sum up what my past few days have been all about!

The lovely Ms. Laura has been patiently waiting to hear what our new coaster designs are, so here you go!

First, I found some amazing papers with adorable sock monkeys, owls, mushrooms and general cuteness. The fruit one even has glitter on it!

I will be posting a selection of those in my shop as well.

The second design is Madison themed. Living in a college town, so much revolves around the University, students, and fans. So, here you go…

Having not gone to UW, or any large university, I guess I really don’t get into it all that much, but so many people do! Sachi said that a lot of people have been requesting red and white goodies too so I have a red and white theme I am slowly working on for bracelets and barrettes.

Moving on to robots…. This morning, Darby and I both came out of our collective bedrooms in these!

It’s funny, because mine had actually been pushed way to the back of the closet since my big ol pregnant belly certainly didn’t fit into it. Darby is getting tall enough to fit into some pre-teen clothes, so it’s fun to shop for her too. Of course she is getting hormones to go along with it… yikes… good thing Henri is a boy… that’s all I have to say! The hoodies are by the amazing T-Shirt Project. I used to carry their goodies at Glitter. They are so much fun…

Speaking of Henri, perhaps he has a future as an engineer? Jerome’s company had this sweatshirt, along with a blanket and t-shirt made for Henri.

Looking at Dad, deciding if he wants to go down the geeky trail…

This is more my fashion style..

We have decided though, with the amount of Project Runway we subject the poor man to, that he is more likely to into fashion. That would be fine with me! I’ll certainly go see his collections in Bryant Park.

I have to add this pic too because it is too adorable. Here is Prince Henri as my mom refers to him, with his Amma.

My mom, of course adores him~ We are trying to bribe her to come back for the Craftacular. She would love to, but thinks she may have a show in her town she is selling at that day. I hope not! Not only do I really really need her help, but I think it would be so much fun! I haven’t vended at a show with my mom for probably ten years (remember the show we did in a blizzard, Mom?)

I shall leave you all today with a picture of my newest toy that Jerome got me. I’m still attempting to figure out how to do some general things with it, like make a call (no, not really). Jerome has my email set up on it and we are going to download music to it too. So many bells and whistles! I wonder if it rocks babies or changes diapers???

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4 Responses to Robots, Engineers, Owls… and Badgers?

  1. jessica says:

    i love the new coasters! what shop on etsy did you find your diaper bag?

  2. lulu says:

    great idea for the Madison coasters, something tells me you guys are going to be very busy keeping those in stock at Anthology.

    I always think about making Bucky for Anthology I just wish there were more hours in the day…..

  3. Laura says:

    oooohhh… we like the new coasters! Thanks for not making me wait any longer to see them.

  4. andrea says:

    this is pretty much the cutest post ever. the new coasters are adorable – i love the apples best. you guys are rocking the robot shirts…love them! and what a sweet pictures of henri with daddy!