More Stores To Carry Glitter Goodies!!

I’m happy to announce that Quince Gifts in St. Paul will soon be carrying my goodies.

I met the lovely women this past weekend at the Craftstravaganza and they placed a wholesale order this morning for bracelets, kitties and barrettes.

I will soon be sending goodies off to White Rabbit in Iowa as well.

I feel like I just can’t catch my breath between shows, orders and stores, but it is all good. I have to remember to be thankful for having more work than I think I can handle!! I do think I have talked myself out of applying for a big two day show (outside) three weeks before little man’s due date.

We have music concert #1 tonight so I better get to the store and get some food to serve the ladies before I pick them up! They are pretty good shopping now but I certainly do take a lot longer, spend more money, and definately get more junk food when they are with!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Back Home

We are back home, safe and sound from our adventure to Minnesota. The Craftstravaganza was great! It was very very cold though. We woke up to SNOW on Saturday. Of course there were flurries here today too. Last Monday we had on shorts, and today snow! Crazy….

I did remember to take a few booth shots at the show

Yep, Jerome was that perky all weekend! I was a bit grumbly being cold, tired and having a sore back, but he kept me in check! We even stayed at a really nice hotel for a change so that was sooo nice!

At the show I made a few more contacts for potential wholesale and consignment accounts so I will keep you all up to date with that. I also restocked for I Like You, a fun consignment shop in Minneapolis that I have goods at.

After making some pretty great sales at the show I treated myself and the kiddos to some fun goodies. I even bought little man a few things! I have been really hesitant to start planning anything, but with just over three months left I suppose I better…

On Sunday we just took our time and stopped at thrift stores and antique malls along the highway home. I had to take this picture

Jerome and I decided we could pretty much live at a place that sells espresso, liquor, cheese and antiques! They even had a really really nice bathroom, which to a pregnant lady travelling for four hours is a big thing.

Well, time to get back to work! Anthology on State St. has been soooo wonderful and selling my goodies like crazy! I am on their listing for Gallery Night this Friday so she requested even more stuff for the weekend. We do have another show this weekend too at Hilldale Mall. It is an ‘artful accessories’ show so I’m going to try to sort through what I have that will fit and make some more jewelry, which I haven’t done for a while!!

I also need to wish my friend Sarah luck. Her little lady is set to be born this week and she is definately in my thoughts!! Good luck Sarah!!!!! xo Naomi

A Very Special Order

These little bluebirds are getting ready to fly away to a cancer center whose mascot is the bluebird. I was very humbled to make these for them.

We’re still plugging away to get ready for the St. Paul Craftstravaganza this weekend. I finished this up a few days ago.

I also have some more yard pics for your viewing pleasure. My yard has definately reached it’s spring peak! Does anyone know what these little tiny blue flowers are??

Some type of ground cover I imagine, although Jerome is convinced it is just a crazy weed. Either way I love them!

Here’s a few more pics

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about donating swag too!! Remember to shoot me an email at if you are interested in donating and I will get you the mailing info!

Calling Indie Crafters!!

All you indie crafters out there, here is your chance to get your name and website to tons of potential customers!

We are once again handing out swag bags for our Fourth Annual Summer Craftacular happening here in Madison, on June 28th. We always include swag from our vendors, but following in the footsteps of such great ideas such as The Sampler, I thought I would open this opportunity to anyone who would like to participate!

The details: I will be collecting ‘swag’ until June 15th to put in goodie bags that will be handed out to our first 50-100 customers as well as including them in samples to send to media supporters, local indie business, and more! What is swag? Swag can be any small item such as buttons attached to your biz card, magnets, discount coupons to your online shop or Etsy site, business cards, barrettes… the options are endless! I just ask that they be small in size to fit inside the bags.

If you are interested, please contact me at for mailing details.

Local artists, remember, there is still time to apply for the show!!! Simply click on Craftacular on the top of the page for info!!

xo Naomi