Crafts & Conversation

Starting tomorrow, each Tuesday will be a Craft & Conversation night! I decided this would be a fun activity to offer and that being open a little later one night a week would also give some people a chance to stop by who may not be able to get in by six during the week.

Each week we will have a different treat and craft. This week it will be making a layered button pin using Glitter’s huge assortment of sewing buttons or a pair of barrettes using either sewing buttons or 1″ image buttons. Each craft is $5 and you are welcome to make one or as many as you would like ($5 per item). This weeks treat will be marshmallow krispy bars and there is always complimentary coffee, tea, or cocoa!

The only exception to the weekly events would be if the room was reserved for a private party.

So stop on by and join in the conversation! Children are welcome to come with a parent.

Seventh Annual Summer Craftacular

Yes, indeed, it is time to apply! I can not believe this is the SEVENTH summer craftacular I am planning. Wow has a lot happened in those seven years… I had recently opened the first Glitter location, coming to the end of a rather turbulent relationship, and fairly new to the crafting community. I am now writing this from the NEW Glitter, married to the man of my dreams for almost five years, and have made some friendships that I believe will be for my lifetime.

Anyway, I suppose you just want to know how to apply, right? Well, here you go!


It is hard to think about a summer show when I look out the window and it looks like a giant snowglobe but it will be here before we know it. But, before we think about that, don’t forget that this Saturday is the Luck of the Craft trunk show at Glitter from 10-5. Stop by, meet the artists, do some shopping, sign up to win some great handmade prizes and enjoy cupcakes by Sugar Bomb Bakery!

HUGE Giveaway!

I am currently TWO sales away from reaching my 1,000 sales mark on Etsy! When I reach that goal I will be giving away a super duper, fantabulous, amazing, stupendous prize to the big winner. Simply click on the Ety link and go browse the goodies I have online! Remember, if you are in the Madison area you can pick up at the shop and save on your shipping.

Here are a few sneak peeks at some new items.

I am also in the process of figuring out the whole ‘blog button’ thing. I am working on making my own (fine, having my husband figure it out…) and am looking for other bloggers, crafters, friends who would like to trade buttons! Please contact me if you are interested.

Time to head home…


I Need Cupcakes

Preferably right now, but I suppose I can wait until Thursday!

Stop by, do some crafting, and have a cupcake!

I don’t have much more in me than that today. I have been up pretty much all night with sick babies (ear infections).

The wee ones and I stole Violet away for a little while to have treats.. well, and to babysit for a bit.

I even squeezed in a bit of thrifting and found that Henri shares my love of vintage linens!

Time to head home and hopefully get some sleep!


I have had a bit of the good kind mixed with a bit o’the bad this past week.

As many of you know there has been a bit of an upheaval in our city and state this past week. That has meant the kids have been off of school for three days and every place except for the capitol has been a bit of a ghost town. Not great for business! I also had a broken keyboard (ugh) but finally got to the right person who assured me that yes, this is covered under warranty so I will be getting a new one. We also decided to take our house off of the market which is a bit of a relief for now. Our house is cramped but now that I am not there constantly, I know it is a bit more tolerable and with warmer days around the bend (??? right??) it should be ok.

I have also had some decent thrifting luck.

I also acquired this wonderful vintage skirt. This picture does not do it justice but I LOVE it and it just happens to fit, so alas, it will not be in the shop, it will be on me! With the skirt, braids in my hair and my clogs on I kind of look like I should be carrying steins of beer, but is there really anything wrong with that? I think not.

I have also been lucky to have friends stop by this week to help out while I prepare for a craft party, bring food (thanks Jenny!!),and restock products.

I love how Jenny’s blue sweater looks with the vintage denim skirt.

Getting back to the craft party, I haven’t had time to get an official brochure pulled together, but this is something that I am going to be focusing on in the next few weeks. The workshop room makes a perfect party room as well. We have space for up to 20 people! The room is available by the hour and we can customize the party for you to include everything from a craft project to cupcakes and decorations, or leave it as is and you can bring your own treats and beverages! I will have more info soon but let me know if you have a date in mind you would like to reserve.

Well, I hope that everything gets resolved soon and the kids get back to school, everyone gets back to work, and business picks up again. These are some pretty dark days but I think we can all see the light ahead.

And, don’t forget! In two weeks it will be time for The Luck of the Craft Trunk Show!