Custom Pins, Magnets & Coasters

Did you know that you can order pins, magnets & custom orders at The Glitter Workshop? We love custom orders!

We have two different size machines, a 1″ & 3.5″. The following pricing is for printer ready artwork files. We will happily go over this with you in detail when ordering. There is a $25 one time fee is we need to resize or convert any art files.

In 1″ sizes we offer pins & magnets. These can also be made into ‘flatbacks’ which are like pins with metal backings that can be glued onto barrettes, bracelets, etc.

Pricing is as follows, for ready to go artwork. If you need us to help you create or edit the artwork, contact us for information and pricing.
1″ pins:
Less than 25 : $1 each
25-49 : .50 each
50-99 : .30 each
100-499 : .25 each
over 500 : .20 each

1″ magnets:
Less than 25 : $1 each
25-49 : .65 each
50-99 : .50 each
100-499 : .40 each
over 500 : .30 each

In 3.5″ we offer pins, magnets & coasters.
1-3 : $3 each
4-24 : $2.50 each
25 & over : $2.00 each

If intersted in placing an order or discussing artwork, please email or stop by the shop!

2 Responses to Custom Pins, Magnets & Coasters

  1. heather says:

    how do I set up an order with you guys?

  2. Naomi says:

    Hi Heather! So sorry I just noticed this!! You can email me at for ordering info.

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