Adorn Ad! Thanks Natalie!

Our super friend at Orangy Porangy (, or she can be found at Glitter, and downtown each Saturday at the farmer’s market), Natalie, designed this wonderful ad for us for the holiday issue of Adorn Magazine.

Her lovely skirts, tees and dresses can be found at Glitter and will soon be available right here on this little ‘ol site.

Thanks again Natalie! You do great work.

Also, she does do freelance, so contact her for info!

xo Naomi

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My Husband Found a New Woman

She has no arms, and a big yellow sticker on her head, oh and she can’t stand without assitance (yet), well, and she needs some new eyelashes…. but she is beautiful.

Our newest thrift find.

Must go sit and sweat more now…

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Welcome Little Mai

I have come to peace with you. You, with your little funny arm and your eyes up really really high on your head. You are perfect and unique and beautiful. You are one of a kind. And, what a smashing vintage dress you have on!

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Dress your little ones in style!

My newest creation. Glitter gnome baby onesies. I have a few listed online, but there are different sizes and styles being made, so please contact me if you have a special request.

Little rant here….. so it is hot here. I’m not talking ‘wow, it’s warm’ hot. It’s f****** hot. And that is coming from a girl who usually sleeps with a down comforter all year round. I am, actually, now one with the paint on this chair. Anyway. So my hubster and I were at Hobby Lobby tonight (he’s a real trooper….) and on my way to the 90% off aisle, what do I pass??? Christmas ornaments!!! I mean, come on. I work in retail. I know all about prepping for the season. But dear god!! Of course, that’s not to say I didn’t walk down the aisle…. but I did bitch about it the whole time.

Must go consume jugs of water. Between the heat and dinner at an Asian buffet I think I am just slightly dehydrated. Like sandpaper in my mouth dehydrated……

Oh yeah. Go to the shop and get your baby, or niece/nephew, grandchild, neighbor child… someone, a onesie.

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We Love the U.K.!

I need to send a great big glittery smooch off to Ms. Emma of Dolly Dagger ( She is now offering quite a selection of glitter goods on her site, including Sweet Shoppe earrings, 80′s love earrings, I love 80′s pins, and Glitter Sweets pin packs to name a few! Thanks darlin’!

In other news…. I am the …. well… I guess proud grandmother and great-aunt of three fish. Took the girlies to the Rock County 4-H fair and two of them won fish, so needless to say Ms. #3 got to go buy one at the pet store. So far, they are all still kicking it. Keep your fingers crossed. If you are all lucky, someday I will put up some pics of when I was in 4-H. I used to show sheep and weave. Be nice. My parents were the ‘leaders’. They forced me…. well, and it was kinda fun…

Also, being the creature loving people we are, we rescued a little blackbird with a broken wing the other day. We always tease my sister that she has the humane society on her speed dial. She actually made my niece sit with her on the side of the road with a ‘baby badger’ (aka…. muskrat playing possum) until she could reach someone to see if it was injured…. Well, this little bird got to pack up in a nice little cardboard box with towels and all, cram into the Corrolla with all five of us, and cruise on down to the animal hospital. We dropped him (Pig, we named him) off and all the lady said was ‘are you the ones with the bird’, with about as much enthusiam as when I tell someone I have to clean my toilet. Well Pig, I hope you are well……

I hope you all are well…

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