Two Crafty Brains are Better Than One

Heather and I always joke that we share a brain. Well, scary thing is, I truly think we do.

But now we are putting our abnormally large brain to great work and collaborating on some great projects.

Our first piece is this squirrel tote. I sewed the tote, and Heather embroidered the squirrel pocket! This is one of a kind and about the sweetest little tote on the planet.

If you are the lucky lady (or guy) to purchase the squirrel tote this week, you will receive your very own set of Glitter Gnome pins to accent it.

xo Naomi
p.s…. more totes are coming! keep your little peepers open!

Velvet Unicorns Rock

Oh yeah. They totally do.

There are three different pics available, but I betcha they won’t last long.

Really, what living quarters would not be vastly improved with one of these beauties??


Vintage Finds

Here is one of the many new vintage finds I just put up on our shop. This is a sweet little vintage owl crewel pictures measuring 8″x5.5″. It is one of many new finds I will be offering to you lucky little kiddos.

Just tonight I found a set of four black velvet unicorn framed pictures that I hope to have up tomorrow (if my daughter doesn’t convince me to let her keep them!).

Must sleep…..