Summer… please…….


Hello dear followers of this very negelected blog! Wowzers this winter has been a rough one. Besides the snow, frigid weather, four kids at three different school, health issues and settling into our new house, well I haven’t had time or energy for much.

BUT I can see a little sparkly glimpse of light in the incoming days and months promising spring, and maybe, if we’re REALLY lucky, even summer.

This summer is extra special. We will be celebrating our Tenth Summer Crafacular! I really truly can’t believe it’s been that long.

We’ve come a long way and I still have some many ideas to explore. I’m excited to hopefully have some of our longtime favorite vendors back, and we’re always looking for new faces! We do have our fancy schmancy Craftacular website up with the application info so head on over there to apply and for more FAQs on the show.


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Seventh Annual Valentine Craftacular is TOMORROW


The seventh annual Valentine’s Craftacular is tomorrow!  Yup – not kidding!

Sunday, Feb 9th from 10am to 4p at the Madison Masonic Center!

Some of the vendors came to the Center today and set up some or all of their booths’.  Here’s a little sneak peek at just a few of the exciting things you can expect to find at tomorrow’s show!


I’ve always wanted to do this!  When I arrived at the Masonic Temple earlier today I took a ‘before’ picture of the venue!  Now – my challenge to YOU is to come by tomorrow to see how over 70 amazing artists and artisans fill this place up with their crafty amazingness!  Even better –  instagram/twitter a picture of the full room and hashtag it #craftacular so we can all check out what you see when you walk in!

Alright – so here are a few fun collages I put together of some of the artists who were in the process of setting up on Saturday!  I’m sure these will get you excited for tomorrow!  AND let’s not forget there is going to be SO MUCH MORE!!!


Jubilant Acrylics0208141

The Crafty Night Owl0208142

Glitter Workshop0208143 Framed Vintage Post Cards
0208144La Parisienne Vintage


Patchwork Printshop


Persimon Dreams

See you tomorrow morning!!!

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for hashtag #craftacular to see more sneak peeks in the morning!

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What is your Favorite Part of the Handmade Process? A Look into the Valentine Craftacular


The seventh annual Valentine’s Craftacular is next Sunday!

Sunday, Feb 9th from 10am to 4p at the Madison Masonic Center!

We’re going to keep taking deeper looks into the vendors at the Valentine Craftacular.  The event is just days away and we want to keep you all excited and raring to shop!

I asked the vendors,

What is your favorite part of the handmade process?

Let’s see what a few more vendors had to say…

Katy: My favorite part of the process is watching the piece come together as I am creating it. Upcycling is such a fun process. Each piece is unique in it’s own way.

Stefanie: My favorite part is getting a thought/idea working on it and the satisfaction of having it come to life as you had pictured it, bonus points if it turns out even better than I originally thought!

- Glitter and Grunge

cacklebee 3

I love the time working quietly on new product recipes, as well as the time I am out and about meeting people and telling them about what I make and talking about my bees.  -CackleBee

purple magnolia 2


I love being able to putter and create.  It’s so fun to picture a project in my mind and watch it come to be. – Purple Magnolia


Coming up with an idea in my head, creating it, and seeing people get excited about it.  It’s very satisfying! – Bohemian Bauble


My favorite part of the handmade process is that you can make ANYTHING.  And people come by and say, “You made that?!  I never would have even thought of that in a million years, muchless figured out how to make it!” – Clipped Arts


Seeing all the random, individual parts come together into a finished project. – M Yarn Crafts


Fabric, texture and creating it into something completely spectacular.   I am a fabric junkie.  I am not talking that I simply admire a good print,  it is more like I want to wrap my home & children in it. – Little Ms. Fancy Pants

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What are your favorite things to do in downtown Madison? A Look into the Valentine Craftacular


The seventh annual Valentine’s Craftacular is next Sunday!

Sunday, Feb 9th from 10am to 4p at the Madison Masonic Center!

I posed the question

What are your favorite things to do in downtown Madison?

to our vendors because when you come down to the shop at the sale…it’s a great opportunity to explore the downtown area.


I love visiting the Farmer’s Market, Children’s Museum and Downtown Library, checking out the shows at the Chazen andMMoCA, people watching at Colectivo Coffee on the square, and getting a bite to eat at Himul Chuli or The Old Fashioned.  I wish I did all of these things more. – Patchwork Printshop


- I am the mother of 3 girls (ages 4,6,and 8)  The Children’s Museum is a must-see (and play!)  After a morning of play, we head to State Street for a slice of Mac ‘n Cheese pizza at Ian’s Pizza, and some of their yummy salads!  The next stop is a trip to Capitol Kids, one of our favorite locally owned toy stores!  We never leave empty handed!  - Crafty Night Owl Designs


I love shopping on State Street, there are so many cute little shops with awesome finds.  - Poplin


When we’re downtown we love to grab a bit to eat at Ian’s Pizza. We’re not very daring – no Mac ‘n Cheese pizza for us! You can find Matthew enjoying a simple pepperoni slice and Amanda will wait 20 minutes for a slice of Kalamata Mozzarella if they don’t have one made already! It’s amazing. -Alluring Blooms


Walk.  I love looking at the architecture of the older buildings.  I really love walking through the Capitol!  I enjoy window shopping, maybe stepping in to look closer at something special.  Meeting friends for coffee or dinner on State Street is a pleasure. – Wayward Wind Crafts


I have mentioned it before, but I love going for a burger at Dottie Dumpling’s Dowry!!  Really, dining and partaking in the consumption of adult beverages is what I usually do in Madison. – Shop Gracie Designs


Cocktails with friends is a downtown Madison must! Danielle often takes her son Mason to the Capitol to do the fossil hunt and explore all the nooks and crannies.  - Finding Felicity


In the winter I like to get cozy in a coffee shop or the library or I can spend hours in the craft supply stores getting inspired.  - fifty acorns


My favorite place in Madison is Chazen Museum of Art downtown. A friend took me there about a year ago, and it is not only inspirational, but is loaded with all sorts of different types of art. It is truly an amazing space, and best of all it is FREE.  -orange pops

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How do you Keep Your Energy up during the show? A Look into the Valentine Craftacular.


The seventh annual Valentine’s Craftacular is less than 2 weeks away!

Sunday, Feb 9th from 10am to 4p at the Madison Masonic Center!

A fan of the Craftacular page posed the question

How do you keep your energy up during the show?

Let’s see what some of our vendors had to say about that!


Talking to customers and having good conversation is what really keeps my energy up.  When I converse with people who are excited about what I do it really gives me the motivation to keep truckin’ through the drudgery that is doing shows. -Innad


They can be long days but visiting with all of the customers and other artists makes it so enjoyable and time usually goes by pretty quickly!
-Gemstone Jewelry and Engraving



It is not hard to keep my energy up for these events because… I love them!  I love chatting with other crafters and seeing their creations.  I love observing the crowd and meeting new people. I love to sell and share my love of crafting with others.  The adrenaline and excitement takes over, but the headache soon comes when it is time to pack up and go! -Crafty Night Owl Designs


I draw energy from talking to the customers that wander into my booth and chat with me.  A good cup of strong coffee before the show helps too! -Jubilant Acrylics


It is simple! Nice, friendly chats with the customers and the other sellers keeps my energy up. Drinking my favorite tea and eating some sweets helps too. -feltmates


It’s pretty easy for me because I really like to meet new people.    Whether that is a funky new vendor or a fun client, I find that 98%   are generally happy to be there and they are just really enjoyable to talk too.  It is such a tranquil atmosphere with no mad-rush or agenda. People are in a happy place & have a calming sense about them. -little miss fancy pants



That is easy. My passion for this art. Well, that and Diet Pepsi. -Barb’s Fine Glass


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