What is your Inspiration? A Look Into the Valentine Craftacular


The seventh annual Valentine’s Craftacular is less than 2 weeks away!

Sunday, Feb 9th from 10am to 4p at the Madison Masonic Center!

Let’s here from some of the vendors and find out what they responded when asked…

What is Your Inspiration?


I’m inspired by children’s books, nature, folk art, and all things handmade! – Alison McDole Art & Illustration


We are inspired by nature. Our products have a distinct rustic + natural vibe. - Alluring Bloomsbohemianbauble

I’m inspired by color, by stones, by metal, by all of the materials that I work with.  And nature, that’s a biggie in my work.
-The Bohemian Bauble

Inspiration is hard to find, sometimes.  I usually get inspired after a visit to an art shop or gallery that sells handmade things, or after a craft show.  Pinterest and Google are always there, too! - Clipped Arts


So much, I love to take the long way home, as it sometimes really inspires my creativity to see something different or new.  And people watching.  I could do that all day.  I do love my blogs too! - Gracie Designsjeanclaystudos

Nature, of course because it is so amazing and also the absurd, silly things in life.Jean’s Clay Studioladybird

 I can be inspired by anything and everything. I think I’m mostly inspired by the endless possibilities of art. - Lady Birdpersimondreams (2)

My dreams. -Persimon Dreams

All the wonderful images that circulate on the internet … particularly pinterest, etsy and ravelry.M-Yarn Craftsjunquejolie

I get inspiration from vintage objects and ephemera and the whole style and sensibilities of early to mid 20th century design. I am especially drawn to vintage Tribal pieces right now. I also love to work bits and pieces of found text or my own writing into a piece. Everything and everyone has a story to tell, and I enjoy finding and creating that story. - Junque Jolie

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What is Your Favorite Part of the Handmade Process? A Look into the Valentine Craftacular.

I asked the vendors of the Valentine Craftacular a series of questions.  One of those questions was…

What is Your Favorite Part of the Handmade Process?

Craftacular - Valentine 20141

(1)  Newness! Seeing how things can evolve (my flowers have gotten more elaborate in shape), or seeing a new supply that inspires me (ceramic glaze color or technique; glass rods in different colors. -art out there

(2) The appreciation I get when someone takes a bite. -Honeybee Bakery

(3) Seeing a concept coming into fruition. We sketch out our ideas or formulate them around in our heads, so it’s always thrilling to see them turn into pieces we love!  And when customers love what we love, there’s nothing more satisfying. Finding Felicity

(4)  When you get in the zone of creating. That moment when you just get into your work and creativity is just flowing out of you, it’s pretty magical. There are days when you sit down to make things and you keep hitting hurdles and different obstacles that keep you from creating. But other days you fly through projects and ideas just keep coming to you. It’s great. -Fifty Acorns

(5) Gee, I didn’t think I’d be interviewed! My inspiration comes from the glass itself.  The glass alone is so beautiful even before I cut it, grind it or solder it. I love the creative process and turning these raw materials into something more beautiful. -Barb’s Fine Glass

(6) I love picking out fabric and deciding which patterns to put together and then seeing the finished product. -Poplin


-For me my favorite part is seeing a piece come together. Bonus if it actually happens as I pictured in my head! I can find a piece of fabric in a store now, bring it home only to discover it’s a perfect match for some I bought years ago. I love that kind of serendipity.  - Pins with Fury


-Love taking a piece of fabric and transforming it into something wonderful! - Antique Basket Lady


-My favorite part of the handmade process is seeing a vision I’ve had become a reality in the form of a finished print or drawing.  I also love the repetitive, physical act of pulling a print; it’s the closest I come to meditating. - Patchwork Printshop

- Transformation is my favorite part of the handmade process.  Because I am giving objects a new life, I get to decide how to recreate them!  Each piece has it’s own personality and style so it always feel new.  I’m never in a race to finish but it’s exciting every time.  I love the end result! -La Parisienne-Vintage Chic Furniture


- I work a lot with upcycled and recycled materials, bits and scraps that I find (literally), or scrounge from garage sales, thrift shops or the basements of relatives.  Some materials are quality vintage items, like a 40-year-old stash of wool yarn that I found.  Some just curious and interesting reminders of the past.  My challenge is to find something pretty or useful to make with it.  I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and baking from scratch.  I approach cooking and baking the same as I do crafting:  What do I have and what can I make with it?  I often make up my own recipes.  This led to development of the four spice blends that I will be offering at Craftacular. -Wayward Wind Crafts


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2014 Valentine’s Craftacular

valentine-banner-2014-updat The seventh annual Valentine’s Craftacular is just over 2 weeks away!

Sunday, Feb 9th from 10am to 4p at the Madison Masonic Center!

Are you all as excited as I am?  I hope so!

This is Kim of Persimon Dreams doing the pre-show blogging previews!  In the past I’ve done individual interviews with the artist.  This year I’m going to mix it up a bit.  I asked all the artist five questions and I requested pictures.  I’ll be sharing their answers and some fun photo collages to get you all super excited for the show over the next few weeks!


Craftacular - Valentine 2014

1.  The Glitter Workshop 2. Junque Jolie 3. Gracie Designs 4.  Alison McDole Art & Illustration 5.  Orange Pops 6. Antique Basket Lady 7. Jeans Clay Studio

So…stop back a bit soon and be sure to tell your friends about this fabulous show that no one is going to want to miss!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like… Valentine’s Day?


That’s right folks! It’s time to gear up for the Valentine Craftacular! We are excited to announce that this event, as well as our Summer Craftacular (Sunday, July 20th) and Holiday Craftacular (Saturday, November 29th) will be held downtown Madison at the Masonic Center (301 Wisconsin Ave.). This is a beautiful venue for our shows and is centrally located in the heart of Madison.

Visit our awesome website (thanks to Crafty Helper Stef Lin!), Madisoncraftacular.com for info on applying to be a vendor or sponsor for this event!

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Craftacular Eve, MoiraCoon’s Shinies

On the Eve of the Craftacular I have the pleasure of introducing you to  Moira of  MoiraCoon’s Shinies.

Mom bracelet 2

Website:  http://moiracoon.etsy.com/
Other social media sites:

What items will you have at this years show? Various jewelry and accessories

What is your favorite gift memory?
A stuffed bear that my grandmother gave me when I was little. While I do love the bear (I still have her), remembering how happy it made my grandmother that I loved the gift is what I treasure.
 Sierra Exif JPEG
Where is your favorite place to eat in Downtown Madison? Ian’s
Which other booths at the Craftacular are you excited to visit to do some special holiday shopping? Looking forward to seeing more of Mary Go Round’s work
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